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Field Trip Scholarships

**UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: the Learning Center is NOT AVAILABLE.  Students on field trips will need to eat their lunches on the buses or at the picnic tables available near the Visitor Center.**

Regional Pennsylvania school districts are encouraged to apply for education scholarship to support their visit to the Flight 93 National Memorial and participate in a ranger-led educational programming with the National Park Service Education Specialist for grade levels 4-12.

**Learn more about the on-site educational field trips for grade levels 4-12 here.

NEW! Electronic Scholarship Applications Update (Please Read)

Scholarship applications will be reviewed and prioritized on a first come, first serve basis. Scholarships will be awarded until all funds are depleted. 

During the 2023 school year, schools can receive up to $10.00 per student through the education scholarship fund.  For example, a classroom of 5th graders with 58 students, if approved would receive $580.00 from the scholarship fund at the completion of their field trip.

We are very grateful for our generous donors, sponsors and partners who make this education scholarship funding possible. 

Field Trip Scholarship Applications

2024 Spring Field Trip (Applications will be Available): January 2024

2023 Fall Field Trip (Applications Closed): Booked for the season*

*2023 Fall Field Trip Application NOW CLOSED*

*Please contact Executive Director, Donna Gibson for questions regarding the scholarship applications at [email protected]


To apply, please complete the following items:

  1. The Education Scholarship Electronic Application
  2. An Electronic Letter of Support from your Superintendent 
    • Click the above link to view the sample letter you can use/edit.
    • Send the letter via email to the contact information below.

After your visit to the memorial, please complete the following items:

  1. 2023 Fall Teacher Survey (This survey should be completed after the field trip.)
  2. 2023 Fall Student Survey (This survey should be completed after the field trip.)

Letter of Support Are Submitted Electronically Only:

Donna Gibson, Executive Director: [email protected] with the subject line
"Education Scholarship Request: (school name)."


  • All schools, public, private, or home school groups are eligible for the education scholarship
  • Application for a scholarship does not guarantee financial assistance will be awarded
  • Scholarships are awarded on a first come, first serve, basis
  • Groups may schedule and apply for a scholarship for more than one group in a year – for example – a school can apply for a 5th grade program, an 8th grade program, an 11th grade program etc.
  • All arrangements for travel to and from Flight 93 National Memorial will be the responsibility of the school requesting scholarship funding
  • We ask that all schools awarded a scholarship complete the letter of support (CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE LETTER OF SUPPORT) and agree to complete a teacher and student survey at the completion of their field trip.
  • Schools are required to send ONE CHAPERON for every 20 STUDENTS. These chaperones are to be assigned to a particular group of students and is responsible for their students’ behavior and adherence to rules while at the memorial
  • One the day of the field trip, Friends of Flight 93 National Memorial will process the scholarship funds and send to the attention of the teacher who completed the application.  
  • There is no food available for sale at Flight 93 National Memorial. All field trips will need to make plans for feeding their students (packed lunches etc)
  • Flight 93 National Memorial does not have trash cans. Please plan to bring trash bags to pack your trash back to your school
  • NO PHOTOGRAPHY is permitted inside the Flight 93 National Memorial Visitor Center due to copyright requirements.  This includes photos taken for any reason, including yearbooks, selfies, etc.  Photography is permitted elsewhere while visiting the memorial
  • Teachers will prepare students for the field trip by discussing appropriate memorial behavior. 


National Park Service Education Program Outlines are available HERE

The educational programming at Flight 93 National Memorial includes lesson plans geared towards grades 4-5 grade, 6-8, and grade levels 9-12, respectively, with a focus on themes of action, honor, democracy, and teamwork.

These programs utilize multimedia, exhibits, oral presentations, and the memorial landscape to deliver a unique learning opportunity. The Flight 93 National Memorial Learning Center is a classroom where teachers, students, park rangers, and volunteers identify and explore the story of Flight 93, and September 11, 2001. Program lengths are adjustable depending on visitation time.

Special thanks to the businesses who participates and donate through the Education Improvement Tax Credit Program and our generous donors for supporting the education scholarship program for the Friends of Flight 93.