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9/11 Flight 93 Classroom Program

Friends of Flight 93, together with the National Park Service, has created a series of educational activities for students, parents, and teachers to continue sharing the story of Flight 93. These activities cater to grade levels 4-12 and include resources and lessons on the story of Flight 93, as well as short, engaging mini-activities.

While these resources can't replace an on-site visit, they provide an excellent way for students to learn about the events of September 11, 2001, Flight 93, and the heroic role passengers and crew played on that fateful day. These educational activities can be used either digitally or on paper, depending on the continuity plans of your district.

Each activity encourages class discussion and focuses on the themes of courage and resilience. This approach helps connect the story of Flight 93 with our current experiences.

For more information on 9/11 and the story of Flight 93, click here.

Distance Learning

Exploring Flight 93 National Memorial through Free Distance Learning Programs

The Flight 93 National Memorial offers state-of-the-art distance learning programs for classrooms, senior centers, and adult learning institutions. These programs are specifically designed for students and groups who cannot attend physically in-person. With the aid of videoconferencing platforms like Zoom and MS Teams, rangers can easily reach out to audiences beyond the Memorial's marble and granite.

Distance Learning - Flight 93 National Memorial (U.S. National Park Service) (nps.gov)