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    SEPTEMBER 11, 2022
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Plant a Tree at Flight 93 

What is Plant a Tree?

For over a decade, the National Park Service, Friends of Flight 93 National Memorial, and National Park Foundation have partnered to continue a major reforestation project. With the completion of the 2022 plantings, the milestone goal of planting 150,000 trees at Flight 93 National Memorial has been achieved. 

This conservation project is part of the memorial’s original design and is meant to reclaim the former surface mine with native trees to re-establish wildlife habitats, create essential windbreaks and establish the healing of the memorial landscape.

Participants planting tree seedlings.                  Participants posing together during Plant A Tree event.Participants planting tree seedlings.

Planting a National Memorial

The reforestation project has been a collaborative partnership that originated with the Friends of Flight 93, the National Park Service and the National Park Foundation and is shared by state and federal government agencies as well as private and academic organizations. More than 4,200 volunteers contributed over 17,000 volunteer hours over 10 years and made this project a success.  

Since the beginning of the plantings in 2012, 197 acres have been reforested. Now that many of the initial plantings have matured, they are 8 Feet tall and have formed essential windbreaks. Much of what is now the memorial is a former surface coal mine and this effort has also re-established woodland wildlife habitats and cultivated a living memorial. 

The planting of 41 varieties of native trees and shrubs has attracted 63 native bee species and 141 native bird species. The intermixing of pollinators has helped to create the perfect environment for birds and bees alike. Visitors coming to the memorial to pay tribute to the 40 passengers and crew members can see wildlife such as deer, geese, various native birds, bees, butterflies, and this year we had a swan join our habitat.  

This reforestation project has been truly fortunate to have partners such as Green Forests Work, The American Chestnut Foundation, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Universities of Kentucky, and Indiana University of PA and more!

For a full list of reforestation partners and sponsors from 2012-2022, visit https://www.flight93friends.org/events/reforestationpartners.

A tree seedling being planted into the ground.

Additional Reforestation Information

Plant a Tree 2022 Press Release

4/5/2022 - National Memorial to Complete Ten Year Reforestation Project

Orientation Videos

Please visit nps.gov/flni to watch a unique Plant a Tree at Flight 93 National Memorial welcome message and a safety orientation.

Our Core Reforestation Partners

For a full list of our reforestation partners (2012-2022), please visit flight93friends.org/events/reforestationpartners.


Pollinator Party!

MAY 13 & 14, 2022 

This Remake Learning Days program successfully took place at Flight 93 National Memorial, and the Friends of Flight 93 hosted the event both days from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The pollinator party event brought in almost 70 children who participated. The Friends are the official non-profit partner to the National Park Service responsible for the operations and care of this site.

Before United 93 crashed at this site on September 11, 2001, the land was a former surface mine. Once scarred  by strip mining, the land was scarred once again by the crash of United 93 and the fire resulting from jet fuel's explosion.

When Paul Murdoch, the chosen architect hired to create a living memorial, visited this site, his vision was to    heal the landscape from its previous damage and to create a living memorial to honor and remember the 40  passengers and crew members aboard United 93 for generations to come.

Pollinators have played a role in the healing of this sacred site. Pollinators help ensure that the natural habitat    and ecosystem of the memorial are environmentally restored. Over the last decade, volunteers have planted over 150,000 trees at Flight 93. Along with tree planting, our natural resource team also spreads native wildflower seeds around the planting sites. 

These trees and wildflowers have attracted native wildlife that now calls Flight 93 home. Over the years,  researchers have discovered that the success of the trees and wildflowers planted have attracted over 63 native bee species and 141 native bird species. In addition, the actions taken to plant trees and wildflowers have helped to environmentally restore this once scarred site and have created a living memorial.

Want to complete the activities at home? Purchase wildflower seeds and download the instructions to complete these activities at home! The flat price includes shipping costs!

Additional Information

  • To review the Pollinator Party press release, view here
  • To read an article from The Daily American, view here.



Get Excited! The annual walk is happening this FALL 2022! 

The Friends are hosting Heroes’ Walk 2022, previously known as the Walk 93. It will take place on September 10, 2022, at Flight 93 National Memorial!


September 10, 2022 at 10:03 AM


From 9:00 to 10:00 AM | Find registration tent at Memorial Plaza parking lot.


Flight 93 National Memorial Plaza parking lot (Please follow event signs.)


Register here.

Please stay connected for more information about our Heroes' Walk 2022 at Flight 93 National Memorial on our Facebook @Flight93Friends and Instagram @flight93friends


People of all ages can participate! Please bring your children for a fun stroll!

  • Wagons and strollers are allowed.
  • Snacks and water will be provided at the event.


Your furry friends can also participate! However, there are pet rules and restrictions.

Participants will be “Strolling with Stories” and experiencing the national memorial’s three designated walking trails (Western Overlook Trail, Memorial Plaza, Allee (Wetland Bridge)). Flight 93 family members will be positioned along the trails to share stories of their loved ones from United Flight 93 as well as the other brave passengers and crew members. Flight 93 park rangers will offer insights into the memorial’s architectural design.

Gordon Felt, brother of Passenger Edward Porter Felt invites you to join him on the walk, “We cannot waver in our support of the Flight 93 National Memorial.  The "Heroes' Walk" provides an opportunity for participants to reflect on the collective actions of the passengers and crew members of United Flight 93 that led to the first victory in this current war on terrorism.  In these chaotic times, it is critical that we take time to remember the events of Sept. 11th; to be inspired by the actions of our heroes and to strive to be worthy of their sacrifice.”

Join us and family members in walking together in remembrance. Family members like Mr. Felt cannot wait to share their stories of loved ones.  

Please consider donating to help us redesign the Western Overlook in honor of the forty passenger and crew members of Flight 93. Make sure your donation is for "Heroes' Walk 2022." 


September 11 Observance 

Please join us for the Twenty-first Observance as we gather to remember and honor the passengers and crew members of Flight 93. The observance will be held at the Memorial Plaza. This open-air service includes brief remarks, special music, a wreath laying service, reading of the names of the 40 passengers and crew members of Flight 93, and ringing of the Bells of Remembrance.

Where: Flight 93 National Memorial | Memorial Plaza from 9:45 – 10:30 AM

  • *Visitor Center will remain open during the observance.
  • *Program time, location, and additional details to be announced.

Check NPS website for updates and more information on the Twenty-first Observance.


We want to showcase you, our volunteers! 

Did you know Flight 93 National Memorial had over 500 volunteers in the park this year? With so many people supporting the memorial, we understand it��s hard to meet everyone and really get to know other volunteers. That’s why we want to showcase you and your efforts toward the park!

The Friends will spotlight a different volunteer on our social media channels and quarterly in the Friends e-newsletter when we have stories to share. Over time, you’ll get to meet volunteers from the park service, Friends of Flight 93, or find out who volunteers for both organizations! Our volunteer base is the core of this park and we believe you deserve recognition for the time you give so selflessly. 

Interested in submitting your story? The volunteer spotlight is an easy form that asks a couple questions to get to know you better and understand why you volunteer at Flight 93 National Memorial. If you already volunteer and would like to participate today, please submit your spotlight so that we may show the communities and our followers all that volunteers do to support Flight 93. 

National Park Service Volunteer Opportunities

The National Park Service seeks volunteers in several areas at Flight 93 National Memorial including:

  • Plaza Greeters
  • Children's Discovery Table
  • Ambassadors
  • Oral History
  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Administration

Learn more about all of the volunteer opportunities at Flight 93 National Memorial.