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Regional school districts are encouraged to apply for transportation funding to visit Flight 93 National Memorial and take part in education programming for grade levels 4-12. Applications are being accepted for SUMMER and FALL (spring 2020 is no longer available.)

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The educational programming at Flight 93 includes lesson plans geared towards fourth and fifth grade, sixth through eighthgrade and grade levels nine through twelve, respectively, with a focus on themes of action, honor and teamwork. 

These programs utilize multimedia, exhibits, oral presentations and the memorial landscape to deliver a unique learning opportunity. The Flight 93 National Memorial Learning Center is a classroom where teachers, students, park rangers and volunteers identify and explore the story of Flight 93, and Sep

tember 11, 2001. Program lengths are adjustable depending on visitation time.

Pirates Charities and the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation have generously awarded the Friends of Flight 93 National Memorial (Friends) grants to fund transportation costs to the memorial. Arrangements for transportation to and from Flight 93 National Memorial will be the responsibility of the teacher or group leader participating. Please send a completed application with a quote from your chosen bus company to: Friends of Flight 93 National Memorial, P.O. Box 911, Shanksville, PA 15560, or e-mail our Learning Center Coordinator at [email protected] with the subject line “Transportation Funding Request.”  After the education program takes place, bus invoicing must be billed to the Friends.  Invoices must include a cover sheet with payment information and instructions for Friends’ staff to process grant funding to bus company vendors.

Application for a transportation scholarship does not guarantee financial assistance will be available for your group. Only groups with documented approval prior to date of visit will receive transportation scholarship payments.

program outlines

Grades 4-5: Everyone and Everybody (2 hours)

Grades 4-5: A Walk to Remember (4 hours) 

Grades 6-8: We Are Going to Do Something (2 hours)

Grades 9-12: America Under Attack (2 hours)