Meet our volunteer, Grant!

Grant joined the Friends in 2014 and feels his greatest impact through volunteering is service to others. “It has given me an opportunity to give of my time to an important effort – to remember the 40 heroes and their sacrifice.”

His most memorable moment at Flight 93 occurred during a Luminaria Ceremony when he carried the lantern for Donald Greene. "I've interviewed over a dozen people who knew Don and I've come to know much about him through the memories of others. I consider his sister Bonnie and other Greene family members as friends.”

Although Grant does not live in Somerset County, he tries to support the Friends from afar in honoring the 40 passenger and crew members, and encourages others to join our volunteer team. “That the 40 heroes of Flight 93 are part of our history and as a people we cannot trivialize what happened to them or forget about 9/11. Volunteering is a way of honoring what the 40 heroes have taught us.”

- Grant Rodriguez Llera, Friends of Flight 93 member