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Scouting Programs

Scouting programs and outdoor adventures give young people the opportunity and freedom to explore a world beyond everyday life's boundaries. It presents them with chances to try new things, provide service to others, build self-confidence, and develop leadership skills. These experiences not only help Scouts while they are young but also stay with them throughout their adult lives, growing into exceptional men and women that respect their family, community, religion, country, and themselves.

With parents' and kids' schedules growing busier every day, Scouting makes the most of what little time parents have to impact their kids' lives positively. Understanding this reality of family life, the Friends of Flight 93 developed guides for scouts of varying ages to visit Flight 93 National Memorial – as a family group or scouting unit – that helps guide the visit. Not only will Scouts gain knowledge by visiting the memorial, but specific advancement requirements can ALSO be met while there!

To assist families and leaders, the Friends of Flight 93 developed guides for each level (including handbook page numbers!) to achievements that can be met at Flight 93 National Memorial. While some will be apparent fits for the memorial, others will surprise Scouters! Locate a specific Scouting group and age level and SEE WHAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE at Flight 93 National Memorial!