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Virtual Classroom Walk 93 

Virtual Classroom Walk 93 - a virtual event for students to get active and outdoors while "dipping a toe" into the subject of September 11th. Students will be prepared for a more in-depth lesson at a later time, whether it occurs in the same grade level or another. Give students the basics.

Register for Virtual Classroom Walk 93!  Below you will find linked materials for your use with your students.  Materials cover a wide range of ages, with books for the youngest students, activities for the older students, and videos of the memorial that are appropriate for all ages.  Note: no images from the inside of the visitor center are used in the videos.

Remember, this program is FLEXIBLE – as the teacher, you choose how much (or how little) your students do and when they do it.  The Friends’ goal is to prepare students for this fall and the 20th commemoration of the terrorist attacks.  These students will hear conversations and may see images on the television or computer.  Help us introduce the subject of September 11th as gently, and as age appropriately, as possible.

The Friends have compiled the story of 9/11 and Flight 93 with many linked source documents for older students and/or teacher use. 

Our VIRTUAL TOUR is now live and available on the website!  Students can explore individually or the teacher can lead the exploration as a large group.  Be sure to click on the little links for additional information!

The videos created for Virtual Classroom Walk 93 are available HERE.  They were created to lead students visually in a loop around the memorial.  Feel free to pick and choose which videos you share with your students.  All were created to be stand-alone items.  That being said, the following two videos MUST BE WATCHED for program continuity:


THIS VIDEO shows 5 books that are excellent for introducing the topic of 9/11 to our youngest students.



Other educational materials are available HERE.   Environmental education, videos of speakers from past years – it is all there!

When your students have completed their activities, please complete the form!  The link for the form is provided in the Thank You video.  Once we receive notice of your students’ completion, I will email you the certificate!